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bullet Changed a lot in the german version, the english one is pretty abandoned. Not enough time at the moment, sorry.
Current issues:
bullet Bunkertours are completed in german, bunker tours in english sorely missing
bullet Working on the setup descriptions and their translations for the model plane page. 
About the design of this page:

"Form follows function."
This quote from the Bauhaus era is even today actual. I decided to use consequently a design for my homepage that relates to my taste and corresponds to my preference for a cool minimalism. So I decided to use a technically simple design in monochromous optic (besides of some pictures), that may remember some about the blessed times we used C64 or ATari IIe computers.

Times in which we sat for days in front of green-black flcikering monitors, dreaming of HiRes graphics in 320x200 resolution...

Yours Hoeni

Last update 05/21/2014