... about my networking activities and LAN-Parties.
The Junien is a lanparty.
Some say, it is "the" lanparty, but enough with tooting our own horn. It's a pretty solid, fun party with 650 attendees each year.
Starting 2007 I joined the team to organize this event. I've been at partys held by the team as a guest now for ten years, so it was just about time to get back to them...
Mainly I man the Infopoint, doing all-around support and help with the network as well as with the media part of the party.
The team of Dauerzocken-24 organizes in the eastern part of the Ruhrgebiet Lanpartys. Detailed information is available here, though we pretty much stopped doing public partys after eight years:
Dauerzocken-24 - Die schnellere Netzwerkparty.
I'm president of the club that runs the partys, other then that I did the media party and again was the main LAN supporter.
Germanys biggest and longest running website with a huge calender about lanpartys in germany. The most influential site in germany about lanpartys with a long history and well written FAqs and know-how articels.
I started writing for lanparty.de regularly in 2004, did a bit less inbetween but now write again for it.

Updated 02/12/2009